Our Contact Details

Domaine des Béates
Route de Caireval, BP 52
13410 Lambesc France
+334 42 57 07 58
GPS Co-ordinates: 43°39’46,0’’N 5°16’42,0’’E

The Estate

A spell-binding setting The Béates estate is a diverse combination of soft limestone, gravelly sand, marl clay and limestone and boulder fields. The dominant limestone gives our white wine an earthiness, imbues our rosés with a fruity aroma and makes our production control more thorough to produce powerful and long-lasting reds. Some of our vines are 50 years old and the grape varieties we produce include Grenache Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan, Rolle, Ugni Blanc, Sauvignon and Grenache Blanc. The range of soils and grape varieties come into their own with the three bold vintages which make up our Aix vineyard range: Les Béatines, Les Béates and our sélection parcellaire, Terra d'Or.

Our Philosophy

We can describe the spirit of Domaine des Béates in one word: harmony.
Harmony between Mother Nature’s gifts and our ability to get the best out of our vines, harmony between grape-growing and winemaking; we also described this in detail.
All that remained were the human, political and financial aspects.
Without a true leader, the estate couldn’t face local and international competition or grow in the mid to long-term.
Pierre-François Terrat is the man for the job! The former rugby hooker is now applying the sport’s values and beliefs to wine making.
Everyone involved in the Béates adventure knows exactly what they are doing and use their initiative. The working environment “in the field” is a breath of fresh air:

  • A warm and friendly welcome to the wine cellar  
  • Involvement in several professional and public fairs which makes the event an unforgettable experience for visitors! 
  • A popular and well-loved annual event on the estate 
  • A network of wine merchants and restaurateurs who know and love our wine 
  • And the political aspect? Don’t worry; we’re only talking about our policy for quality! 

When we’re talking about biodynamic products, organic farming and soil cultivation, we’ve got one thing in mind: respect for the environment.
We are ECOCERT and AB+ approved, we heed the planet’s advice when choosing which days to cut, harvest and plant, we use our natural yeasts and we have implemented restrictions on adding sulphur to the wine…
We want to make wine for a captive and appreciative audience. We want our wine to make a moment magical, satisfy every whim and suit everyone’s pocket.
We want our wine to whisk you away from the dog-eat-dog world and sterile debates.